Monday, January 14, 2008

Snow Day

It wasn't necessary to turn pj's inside out before going to bed. We knew by the early news the Young One would have no school today. Boston and Worcester both declared a snow emergency at midnight and many other cities and towns had cancelled classes for the day.

A no brainer really after the events of the snowstorm we had the Thursday before Christmas. That storm hit at noon with a few random flurries and in a blink of an eye things turned very, very white as snow fell at a rate of 2" per hour. Schools and businesses dismissed at the same time and that caused problems. With traffic jamming the roads, snow removal equipment couldn't get through to clear the roads. It took Himself 7 hours to make the normal 50 minute commute home. Lots of fingerpointing took place the following day as the highway department blamed the Governor and he blamed the highway department.

We got up at the usual time to watch the school cancellations whether out of habit or reassurance. We were shocked to see Himself's school closed. He teaches at a community college and it never shuts down! The President of the college must have gotten a ton of angry emails after the last storm!

I rolled over and went back to sleep. Both my chicks are home. Himself is home. Everyone is safe and warm.

The storm is winding down. Himself went out to shovel the driveway. Looks to be a foot of snow. I'm having a hard time moving this morning. Hope the SAD lamp I bought arrives by the end of the week. Only 158 more days until the first day of Summer. Deep sigh. Forlorn look. No


  1. We got snow today too. Supposed to be a few flurries but it's covering the ground pretty well. Still trying to decide if I want to risk taking the boys to Knights this afternoon. It's an hour drive and I'd have to drop them off and rush back to help a friend move furniture.

    I'd rather have enough snow to cancel things than a wishy washy, should I go or not snow!

    Counting the days this morning until I can take the plastic off the windows.

  2. But it's SO pretty... Course, I have a snowblower. *grin* I'm not actually in a hurry for any snow-days in light of my winter "breaks" anyway!

  3. Glad you had a lazy snow day with all the kidlets/spouses gathered close. Those are the best.

  4. lmao@"Lots of fingerpointing took place the following day as the highway department blamed the Governor and he blamed the highway department." that's politicians for u! Wow, all that snow is making u depressed!!!(tosses a snowball at ur sad,forlorn face)lol!!! Sooo, when u get that sunlamp(well the bulb)what you gonna do? lay in front of it or what? I'm curious as I've never ever used a sunlamp.... :P lol.