Friday, January 11, 2008

Open House

Last night, was the WAM Open House. The warm temps and clear night brought out a good crowd. So good, that the buffet table was wiped clean as if a herd of locusts had descended. Someone remarked vultures cleared the table, but vultures leave bones. There weren't even any crumbs left on the table cloths!

My teacher, mentor, colleague, friend, Callinana was there and we shared a display table. I haven't seen her in quite some time so we were able to catch up during brief lulls when the tide of people would recede. We chatted with lots of folks that stopped to look at our work.

The downside of the event was I only have 3 students signed up to take my class. Seven students are needed to run the class. The class was supposed to begin tomorrow, Saturday.Dismay

My boss emailed me this afternoon. She wants to post pone the class for a week and see if they can get a few more students to sign up. I suggested they contact students who had signed up for a calligraphy class that was cancelled in the past.

I really thought the Saturday morning class would be a good time slot. I usually teach at night. Don't know if the lack of interest is due to the economy, time slot, color of the sky, or if calligraphy has fallen out of fashion.

Anyway, keep your fingers crossed for me.


  1. Aw, I was really hoping you'd get a full class. Maybe some of the former students and others will sign up yet. You have a week to get someone else interested.

    Maybe it's the season? Some people don't like to sign up for things if they are scared it might snow. Here anyway.

    I will light a candle on Sunday!

  2. What a bummer... I hope you find the right formula...

  3. I've got my fingers crossed that you pick up a few more people in the next week!

  4. As it's the end of January. I hope ur class is in full swing. If I lived close by. I'd take ur class! :D and on snow days, you'd have to come pick me up or send the drunken sailor! need to do some demonstrations of your work to show students how easy and fun your class is. Do an open house with good food. My dad always said if u want a good sized crowd at ur function, SERVE FREE FOOD!