Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Same Stuff Different Day

Still playing around with the ATC technique book. I liked the idea of the string, but didn't really care for the author's example. She had knotted and wound string around a card, secured it with gel medium, added photos and then slapped paint over everything. My ATC was inspired by a nautical example in the book. Just got to love a man in uniform. And any BV fan knows the answer to the question. Send him to Red's until he's shanghaied. Send him to Red's until he's shanghaied. Send him to Red's until he's shanghaied earlye in the morning.

The magazine and gesso technique was just too fun. I doodled accessories on all the chicks.

The last card for the day was done using a Krylon leafing pen which acts as a resist to the water color. I think I'd like to try a larger version of this piece. The lettering needs to be planned out and executed better.

One thing I enjoy about ATC is other than a size restriction, there are no rules. Anything goes especially since these cards are for me and not an exchange. I've tried keeping an artist book, but somehow the white page, bound in a nice book is daunting. And then all the what ifs. What if I make a mistake? What if I hate it? What if...

The Young One has a sketch book. She let me take a peek at it. I told her I admire her spotaneity and creativity. Somewhere along the way, I lost the ability to just do it. Just put something down on the paper. No planning, no judging, no grade. Just get in there with line and color. Maybe the ATCs are a step in that direction.
Btw, the sun was out today though stormy weather is predicted for the end of the week. The SAD light was shippped which may be a relief for some of you. Winky


  1. I love these, especially the third one. Love the colors.

    Yay for SAD lite :)

  2. You're on a roll... Course... What would I do with that drunken sailor? Send him to MA???? I don't see any red in your hair... that's mine!

  3. I loved the cards too. Very clever. And I am thrilled to know the SAD lamp is on the way.

    Now if I can just get you New Englanders to stop sleeping with your pj's inside out! We get a dusting of the snow that's heading for you all like a homing pigeon. I am leaving for vacation on Tuesday and I do NOT NEED ANY SNOW TO SLOW ME DOWN!

    And if you see any drunken sailors, you could send them here to shovel. I have a very large, circular driveway. Gravel.

  4. hey CJ,
    I like the card "Chicks Rule." It is so cute. If I lived around you, I'd have the inspiration to get back it to using my creativity,as I lost it somewhere awhile back. Glad that you have classes going at the museaum, and I'm sure you are an asset anywhere you teach,as it looks like you have a lot of passion for your art. Keep it up and have a Blessed weekend. I am not going to mom's tonight. The weather is so nasty, I'm afraid to get out and drive. bye for now. Dolly

  5. Being from Hawai'i, I'd toss the drunken sailor overbroad and feed him to the sharks! for the cards, Love ur talent and how original you are with designing them. Put some paint, glue down in front of me and I'd sit there for hours not touching them! lmao...but pen and paper and Oh Boy! :P....that's koo your daughter has that kind of talent. I admire anyone that is an artist cos it alwys blows me away to view anykind of artwork and makes me wonder how the person thought their artwrk up....