Monday, September 8, 2008

Color Meme

Borrowed this meme from Erica's blog:

1. What is your current favorite color? Blue

2. Had your favorite color changed over the years? Nope, loved it as a kid. Still love it. And red is a second favorite color.

3. Is your current favorite color one that is currently trendy? I'm not sure it was ever trendy except for baby boys, but blue is always in vogue for me.

4. What is your favorite color combination? When making pastepaper, I love blue, purple and green with a dash of gold for sparkle.

5. Is that combination a popular one? It is with me.

6. What is your favorite way of using color? I'm hopeless when it comes to decorating. The house is so small I worry that anything other than white will close the rooms in.

7. What colors look good on you? Hmm, my mother dressed me in pink when I was little. I hate the color. I've been told royal blue looks good on me and I think I look pretty good in red.

8. What colors look bad on you? Any color I don't like. I'm not partial to brights like orange, yellow and I don't care for any shade of pink

9. Do you wear colors that don’t look good on you just because you like them? Nope.

10. What is your favorite neutral color? Black or Navy

How about you? Care to take a stab at the Color Meme?


  1. I say, wear what you like. And you look good in blue. :)

  2. If my life depended on naming a favorite color, I'm screwed. I like them all, it depends on the place, mood, etc. I'm open to anything... (Well, I do tend to stay away from bright colors. They just don't look good on my albino wannabe skin.)