Sunday, September 14, 2008

Seven on Sunday

Seven reasons why I was late blogging the Seven on Saturday.

1. I got a new toy. A smartphone.

2. The Quick Start instructions were neither quick, explicit, or easy to follow

3. If one has sausage fingers, one ought not to reset the locking device password. Really easy to get locked out of the device.

4. Phone Tech Support isn't always supportive.

5. Spent an hour at the phone store, while the Tech tried to figure out how to do a hard reset.

6. After the Tech had reactivated the phone, I had him disable the locking device.

7. Spent the afternoon synching the device to the computer, playing with some of the features, and printing out the user manual.


  1. But it's such fun learning!!! Joy joy joy! And perhaps way better than your dream toy! (course, maybe not!)