Monday, January 5, 2009

Image Transfer

One of this month's ATC exchange themes was just begging for an image transfer. I'd read about the technique in a book, Altered Imagery. Could I find the book? That's right, in the cheap seats. No, because Ceej doesn't always put her toys away where they belong. I've hunted but the gremlins ran off with the book.

I've done image transfer using packing tape, but didn't want that glossy effect. What to do? Search online. And lo and behold an EBSQ artist website with a wonderful education link with all kinds of techniques including image transfers.

Most image transfer processes I have read about involve using matte medium, acetone, or nasty carcinogens like xylene. Just a little too messy for me and in the case of using xylene, too toxic.

On the website was a technique using heat from an ordinary iron used to press clothing. I printed out a test image using the color laser printer. Dug out my iron, dusted it off because it doesn't get much use. Set the heat indicator to cotton, no steam. Placed my image color side down in my art journal and using circular motions with the iron, ironed the back of the image. I didn't keep track of how long I kept the iron on the paper. Maybe as long as it takes to sing the alphabet song. I carefully peeled back a corner of the image. OMG, it worked! I ironed the image a little more to get a deeper color. Peeled the paper off and ta-da!

Now to get busy creating the actual ATC.

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