Saturday, January 10, 2009


Remember Miss Jean from Romper Room?

Romper, bomper, stomper, boo,

Tell me. Tell me. Tell me do.

Magic Mirror tell me today,

Did all my friends have fun at play?

This week I saw The Salina Kid, Hummingbird, Lindabrit, Lilly, Mom, Teague, and Paroo.

Remember, Miss Jean says, Do Bee a commenter, Don't Bee a lurker


  1. LOL, CJ! I loved Romper Room as a child. Do you remember the basket song? "See me walk so straight and tall, I won't let my basket fall. Eyes ahead. Don't look down. Keep my basket off the ground!" Sorry I'm a lurker lately. I'm just so busy with the kids right now, but I do try to take a minute to see how you are doing. Off to a Lego Robotics State Tournament with the youngest! See ya!


  2. Yeah, Jo-Ann, I remember the song. Don't worry, you're a Do Bee. Especially dealing with Little Hoss.

  3. You slay me, renegade. I remember Romper Room. I remember Romper-Stompers, though we made our own with coffee cans and string.