Friday, January 9, 2009


A lot of people came to the Worcester Art Museum Open House. I think there were more visitors than at the Fall Open House. I'm not complaining, mind you. With all the talk of the bad economy I didn't expect a lot of visitors. Maybe people were tired of being cooped up by the snow and ice. Any way, it was a nice turnout.

My Fall students had done bookmarks and weathergrams as their final project. The work was displayed in a glass case. The display is awesome. I'm so proud of the students' work. I hope they make it up to the exhibit to see their work.

I brought my sketchbook and worked while people walked by. Some people were shy and were watching me from a distance. Had to tell them I don't bite, well not since I was four. Others were fascinated to watch. Though I think the fascination came from watching a Southpaw work.
There was a lot of interest in my ATCs and I was glad I had made the display stand. The rolo-dex design encouraged people to flip through the cards.

I was pleased the Moon Palace ink didn't feather and bleed on the sketchbook paper. I had brought a package of Diploma Parchment, just in case. I used a Brause 1.5 mm and a Nikko G nib.

I decided to write without making guidelines. I didn't do too badly. The lines are pretty straight and the x-height is pretty close. There was a recent thread on Cyberscribes about lines being a crutch and one shouldn't use them. That wasn't why I decided to write without guidelines. Just too lazy to make them.

I didn't make any bonehead moves like putting my hand in the wet ink and smearing the work. I even spelled corrrectly! Though as an English major there's a ready comment for misspelled words: Oh, that? It's an archaic form of spelling used during the Middle Ages. (-;

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  1. Your doodles look way better than my serious work. You got talent to burn.