Saturday, May 23, 2009


When the sunroom went up, we put down an inexpensive peel and stick linoleum floor. Temporary until we got more do re mi to invest in good flooring. With the temperature extremes in the sunroom, it didn't take long (about a week) for the peel and stick to lift because the glue melted and the tiles started to shrink. We decided this weekend was the weekend for a new project, tiling the sunroom floor. That is Himself will be doing the tiling. I'll be the "Hey, Dude! Get me..." or just plain staying out of his way. Seven things about this project.

1. Picking out the tile. I wanted slate, but reading about the maintenance of a slate floor put me off. We went to the place where we got the bathroom tile. J. knows his stock. I asked if he had tile that looked like slate. He did. Because we were returning customers, he knocked a bit off the price and suggested a perfect color grout too.

2. Moving the furniture. All of the sunroom is now crammed in the livingroom/diningroom. Funny, how my chair (the chair and a half) weighs a lot more than it looks.

4. I got the shop vac and picked up the dust and dirt.

5. Pulling up the peel and stick went very quickly because the glue was all melty.

6. Too bad the porcelain tile wasn't the same size as the peel and stick because we could clearly see the tile lines.

7. Even though, we could clearly see the center room mark, Himself measured and laid out the tile so he could decide where to put the cuts.

Have you been working on any home improvement or gardening projects?


  1. 1st... LOVE Ink ruling the roost! We truly do know who is in charge.

    As for home improvement, it is on going at my home. I need to do kitchen floor. It isn't peeling up, but just looks old and worn up.

    I'm getting new sidewalks mid-June, but someone else will do that work. Today I worked on the backyard. My house is 60 years old and the landscaping is pretty darn close. So much is dying. The decisions about replacements are tough. A major renovation is not in the budget, but the dying trees are UGLY. So we keep hacking limbs. (like today.)

    My latest project is assembling (done) and now staining and sealing a wood swing in the back yard.

    I can't wait to meet the doll house and Ink... (and everyone else!!!)

  2. Today was devoted to piling rock up alongside the driveway in preparation for dirt overlay and grass seed. This morning I planted some flowers in a hanging pot for the front porch, and I mulched the flowerbeds.

  3. I'm planting flowers in pots and flower beds, love this time of year!

    Where is #3?

  4. The sun is out finally out in Oregon - hellooooo old friend! - and I've been in the yard. The shady spot is my new shamrock garden, I'm up to 5 varieties. This weekend I turned the covered area between the house & the garage into another shade garden. If a fuschia plant has flowers that are actually red and white, is it still a "fuschia"?