Saturday, May 9, 2009


I had a very hectic week. Running out every day shuttling the elders to the mahket and eye doctor appointment, my own dental checkup, a marketing presentation, and picking The Eldest and her dorm room up for the summer. Whew! Today's seven are the things I forgot to do this week because of all the running.

1. I forgot all about Tues. night.

2. I forgot to watch The Mentalist on Tues. night. The only television program I watch, and I forgot all about it.

3. I forgot my Wednesday morning routine. Walk on the tread mill.

4. I forgot to blog the Wednesday Weigh In. For chuckles I weighed myself on Friday expecting the same old number to register on the scale. I lost a pound!

5. I forgot the bank manager's name. She greets me all the time. We chat and this time around I called her by my dental hygeniest's name when I was leaving. How embarrassing!

6. I mentioned to Sunflower as I was signing off IM on Thursday, I had to fill out the order form and a check for The Young One's senior sweater for next fall. I shut down the computer. Passed go, passed the check book and went to bed. I had to rush to fill out the form just before we left for school on Friday morning.

7. I know there was one more thing, but I forgot it.

How was your week? Did you forget to do anything?


  1. I forgot to eat... which is great for dieting, but I don't recommend the reason. Life is returning to normal, as is yours. Makes you appreciate those normal weeks, right?

  2. gotta say, all this rushing around we're doing is denting the chat time.