Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Night at the Movies - A to Z

X. Hmmmm. The only movie starting with the letter X I have in my collection is The X Files, I Want to Believe. Mulder and Scully are called out of retirement by the FBI. Their talents are needed to solve the latest case, a kidnapped FBI agent and a priest who has visions of the agent. Typical day at the office for Mulder and Scully. If you enjoyed the series, you'll like the movie. Besides, it's always amusing to count how many times Scully calls out, "Mulder, where are you?"

Help me out. Besides, X-Files and X-Men, any other movies worth watching that start with the letter X?


  1. I can think of a few more that start with X (xanadu comes to mind) but whether they’re worth watching is another matter! LOL

  2. Totally going to cheat here and say:

    They Were EXpendable. :)

  3. The only one I could think of was Xanadu, but rcw already claimed it!