Friday, September 30, 2011

The Friday Five

I happened to stumble upon a Friday Five meme all about travel. Seemed fitting as I've been traveling into the past this week.

1. What is the longest distance you have traveled by foot?

That would be a 7 mile walk from work to home when my car broke down.  It took around 3 hrs for me to get home.

2. What is the longest trip you have traveled by plane?

A trip to Germany .

3. What is the longest trip you've traveled by water?

Honeymoon cruise to the Bahamas

4. What is the longest trip you've traveled by car?

A family trip when I was 7 yrs old to visit my uncle who lived in Buffalo, NY

5. What is the longest trip you've traveled by bus or train?

A 13 hour bus ride from Munich, Germany to West Berlin. Yes, this was when Germany was divided into East and West.

Want to play?

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  1. 1. No clue... I like walking. I have dogs. We've taken some long walks. I usually don't measure.

    2. Plane? Germany or Hawaii. Does poor air conditions count? Then Germany has been longest travel time.

    4. No big water cruises... couple day trips here and there. (I want one.)

    5. Depends... One shot? Ia to California. Road Trip? All around the western USA in an RV.

    6. Done that same Berlin trip. That might be my longest too.

    (I'm still reading!)

  2. Walking - I don't know, nothing really significant

    Plane - Roch to El Paso or Mpls to Portland, OR

    Water - lunch cruise on the Mississippi or Mail Boat trip up the Rogue River in OR

    Car - Have traveled a lot by car, I've been everywhere man, remember that song. Actually though have a few eastern states yet to see

    Train - MN to Portland, OR several times

  3. Almost forgot, longest road trip would be the month we spent in a camper driving to Alaska, that was a great trip.

  4. I love to travel, by plane, train, bus, boat, car, or feet! I truly don't know the answers though. Plane would probably be to Guadalajara, Mexico. Car? Maybe Kansas City? Or Florida from Michigan? Not sure!