Thursday, September 29, 2011

Still Hunting

Slowly piecing together the puzzle that is my family. Adding information from Dad's notebook into the timeline. From census records I was able to verify names of his cousins, their parents, where they lived. I had my great-grandparents names from the marriage certificates of my grandparents. That's as far back as I was able to get. I figured I'd never be able to find info about the relatives in the old country.

Then for the heck of it, I did a search on the name of the town where my paternal grandfather was from plus the name of a great uncle. Didn't expect to find anything and then staring at me is a blog link with his name and signature on a petition for naturalization. It included names of his wife and children!

I wrote to the blog owner who has done research on the families from Torre le Nocelle. The info he had was about my great uncle, and it turns out the blog owner and I are related, okay distantly related, but still. He also gave me information that got me back to my great-great-great grandfather! I went from not knowing anything beyond the names of my great-grandparents to having names and dates that brought me back to the 1750's! How cool is that? So far no skeletons. Nothing for the history books. Just good, hard-working people.

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  1. We have one branch of hubby's family back to 1624 in England. The oldest branch in my family that I have found is 1721 in Switzerland. That stuff is so cool to find out and wonder about.

  2. Sweet! That's terrific. My family can be traced back to John Paul Jones and the Revolutionary War, and (hee hee) my husband's family and Linda's are the same. :D

  3. I would love to trace my family's roots. That must be exciting. Also I love to scrapbook and will be checking out the website. Thanks CJ!