Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Don't forget you can still enter to win a copy of the MyMemories Digital Scrapbooking software. Leave a comment each day to increase your chances. The contest will remain open until noon EST on Friday, 30 September 2011. The winner will be chosen by and announced on Saturday, 1. October 2011.

First visit Look at the wonderful packages they have in their store. Don't forget to check out the free stuff, too. Then come back and leave a comment. Tell me which digital scrapbook kit(s) you liked.  Easy!


  1. We had it rough, didn't we? And 4 whole channels to choose from.

  2. We only had 3 channels. The only time we could get a 4th channel was is if someone, usually moi, held a coat hanger wrapped in foil and danced around to pull in a snowy, shaddowy picture.

  3. We had all of them, ABC, CBS, NBC and PBS for Sesame Street, if you knew what you were doing with the antenna.