Friday, October 26, 2012

The Friday Five

Gone are the days of carving triangle eyes and nose with a toothy grin on a pumpkin and calling it good. These aren't your grandma's jack o'lanterns.

The Tenth Doctor and his TARDIS. Lace up your red Converse high tops and run to Pink Ray Gun's site to get the template. 

From an Apple a Day comes this beautiful carousel.

A good old-fashioned scare from The Creature. Found at Yummies 4 Tummies

Lots of amazing jack o'lanterns found on a Greedy or  Needy discussion board. My favorite was the dragon.

No surprise I'd pick a cowboy. Stay with 'im, Heath! Found at Wyoming Road Trip.

After you've carved your jack o'lantern, do your roast the pumpkin seeds?


  1. Wow! That actually takes some artistry. The most I ever managed were the ones with triangle eyes and basic missing-tooth mouth.

  2. Those are awesome! Some ppl really make some amazing things these days. Last one I made was still triangle eyes and a big grin.

  3. Absolutely! They're the best part!