Monday, October 8, 2012

Think Before You Pink

I'm all for a cause. Bring awareness. Celebrate survivors. Honor those who passed. By all means wear the gloves, the cleats, wrist bands, and tea towels. Outline your team crest in pink, and you go from having a fierce, intimidating, wild stallion to a My Little Pony.

Think before you pink.


  1. LOL! Pink Vikings this weekend too.

    I caution people to Think before they Pink, too, because often the money they think is going to one cause is actually going to another. Susan G. Koemen Foundation lost a lot of supporters this year when it was revealed that a good portion of donations were actually being funneled to Planned Parenthood instead of cancer research.

  2. Did Ragnar tie pink ribbons in his hair, Erica? Skol Vikings!

  3. LOL, my little pony!!!!

    I didn't know you had your own app, CJ. Totally cool :D

  4. Ha! It does look like My Little Pony :)