Monday, October 1, 2012

Work in Progress

Year's ago, my dad sent away for a family coat of arms suitable for framing. Dad liked to believe the family descended from the Caesars of Rome. In reality, his people came from a long line of tradesmen: barbers, cobblers, stone cutters, tailors. Didn't matter. Dad proudly displayed his coat of arms in his office.

While cleaning out the homestead, I had asked The Nephew if there was anything he wanted. He asked if he could have the coat of arms. He said he liked it, and thought it was pretty cool.

I decided to paint the coat of arms suitable for framing on my own wall. Over the weekend, I brushed up on the terms used in heraldry. The blazon, written description of the coat of arms, reads:

Azure a fess between in chief three mullets and in base a roe buck all or.

The shield is blue with a wide gold band in the center.

At the top of the shield (chief) are three gold mullets. A mullet is a five pointed star and is said to represent the rowel on a knight's spur.

In the base of the shield, a gold roe buck.

Today, I'll take creative license with the shape of the shield, the style of helmet, the drape of the mantle (covering that goes over the helmet), and the crest (the figure on top of the helmet)

What are you working on?


  1. What a fun project! I'm working on edits.

  2. Yay! If it turns out anything like the coats of arms you did for me, it will be spectacular! :)

    I'm finishing up some critiques and I'm plotting my novel today. :)

  3. Sounds super fun! LOL, when you first said mullet...I was picturing a MULLET. Hee hee.

  4. Have fun with your edits, Julie.

    Erica, if it turns out half as good as the ones I did for you, I'll be tickled blue.

    :-D Georgiana. I figured that's what people would think.

  5. Very cool.
    I just finished edits and now am waiting for more. fun, fun...

  6. When you said mullet I thought 'fish'! LOL Are you going to show us when it's done?

  7. Of course, I'll show you when it's finished, Robin. I'll even bore you with steps along the way.