Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Road Trip to Maine - Nubble Light

Over the weekend, my friend, Teague and I ran away to south coast of Maine. Our first stop was Sohier Park and Nubble Light, a popular and much photographed tourist attraction.
Looking out over the rocks to the Atlantic Ocean
Fiddling with the camera on  the new phone. Either that or I was really interested in the cigarette butt and
my red Connies. 

Nubble Light
Too bad, the public isn't allowed on the rock island to tour the lighthouse. It was foggy out and we got to hear
the foghorn blaring.

Some sort of bush with berries growing through the rock crevices. Where there's a will, there's a way.
Trying to get another picture of the lighthouse without other people in the shot.


  1. Is that your little red Tardis at the bottom left of the lighthouse?

    1. Sadly, no red Tardis. Who would have a red Tardis? Would that be The Master's since The Doctor's is blue? The TARDIS lablel stands for Travels and Ramblings Done in Style which is the journal I take with me when I leave the dollhouse

  2. Wonderful pictures! (especially your shoes! wink wink, LOL)

  3. That is a beautiful lighthouse. And I love the red tennies. :)