Sunday, November 17, 2013


During the day, I'm apt to catch sight of certain numbers. It started with Himself telling me he sees 11:11 on digital clock faces. My number is 8:18 which happens to be our anniversary (and Robert Redford's birthday). Now, I see both his number and mine.

Are these significant numbers? Messages from the Universe or just coincidence?


  1. Apophenia?
    I can write my name in numbers on a calculator1 "931531" only works on square LCD digits and upside down, this means I am indeed a Master of the Universe I'm sure :)

    1. Tha'ts pretty cool, oh Master of the Universe!

  2. I do that too! 3:11 and 8:11 are significant to me. Is it coincidence that I look at precisely those moments? I like to think it’s my mother making me look to ‘say hi!’