Sunday, November 3, 2013

Tools, Gadgets, and Widgets - Land Line

I've been thinking of dumping my land line home phone in favor of my cellphone. As it is when I leave the house, I have the land line calls transferred to my cellphone. And the only reason I do this is to be in contact with the nursing home if a problem happens. Otherwise the only calls coming on the land line are telemarketers, or political candidates.  We'd save a little bit of money over the year which would be a plus.

Just curious. Do you still use a home phone land line or have you gone cellular?


  1. We still have our landline because (I believe) my dh is not a very responsible cell user. He wouldnt check his messages ( from his dentist, etc) and would miss some important stuff. He is the "money handler/bill payer in our hosehold, so if it were important to him, I am sure we would have switched by now. Who knows? We may still switch in the future, but we would have a shitload of calls to make to change the phone numbers.…

    1. The above is from Kathy Reuille...

  2. The walls in most of our 300 year old house are up to three feet thick granite. Sometimes lucky to get a very delayed text when standing at a window, if there isnt another house between me and the mast! Think we are stuck with a landline..

  3. I've thought of this too, but I can't stand talking on my cell. I find it weird.......

  4. Oops that should have been not a need.

  5. Yikes. I've left all kinds of comments, none make sense....