Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Shower Head

Thanksgiving Day, the screen for the shower spigot was clogged. When Himself went to re-attach the shower head, the plastic coupling cracked and the shower head  leaked. We had saved the metal shower head that was installed when we first renovated the bathroom four years ago., but neither of us could remember where we had put it. I figured we'd have to be like pioneers and shower under the spigot. No biggie. Then Himself found the old shower head. Happiness was a shower head that blasted water to the other side of the shower stall.

While stirring the accursed carmel mixture, I heard TV news stating a store in New Hampshire had opened at 6 AM on Thanksgiving Day.

"That's deplorable", I said to Himself. "What could you possibly need at 6 AM on Thanksgiving Day?"

"A new shower head."


  1. I feel the same way about our shopping obsession in this country.... deplorable is the perfect word! (Other countries are fighting for freedom and democracy......we fight for flat screen TVs) Glad Himself found the showerhead and disaster was averted!

  2. At 6 am I would appreciate the fire being lit by someone else so its warm when I get up. Can't think of anything else of importance at that time :)