Friday, November 15, 2013

The Friday Five - All is Lost

Teague and I went to see Robert Redford in All Is Lost. It's the story of a man sailing alone in the Indian Ocean when his sailboat has a collision with a shipping container.

1. This is a minimalist story. There is no back story as to who he is, why he's there, or about love interests or family.

2. Redford is amazing as he tells the story without much dialog. I would have been screaming colorful phrases  because that's how I roll when I get really upset.

3. The story is about spirit and ingenuity.

4. Hope is the driving force

5. There were lots of tight close-ups of Redford. I wish he had done this movie thirty or forty years ago when he was still drop dead gorgeous.

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  1. SNORT! You made me LOL for real with your last comment! :)