Saturday, August 29, 2015


One of the projects we did in my Art of Stress Relief  class was to make a mandala.

The word "mandala" is Sanscrit meaning circle. It's a spiritual symbol representing the universe. It's used to focus attention during meditation.

There are some rules with drawing a mandala, an inner circle within a square forming 4 gates, and a central point, drawing from the center and working outwards.

I didn't want to bog people down with rules. other than making doodles in a circle. We used a circular graph template found here. The template was placed under our drawing paper so we wouldn't have to worry about drawing circles using a compass.

To get us in the mood, we watched a time lapsed video of Tibetan monks painting a mandala with sand.

Then to take the fear out of a blank sheet of paper, we also watched How to Grow A Mandala. The artist breaks down a mandala design to a series of different kinds of lines with a central dot or seed.

Drawing and coloring a mandala is relaxing and meditative. There is no right or wrong. Try to keep the design symmetrical and if you should lose count as I did when trying to draw the birds and bush, you don't stress about it. Just move on.


  1. So, do you find it stress relieving?? (I can't get into it myself....)

  2. That's beautiful, CJ. I hadn't heard of a mandala. Good info. Thanks for sharing. I trust your retreat was heavily laden with serenity.