Saturday, August 22, 2015

Cuisipro Soap Dispenser Repair

A couple of months ago, I bought the Cuisipro Foam Soap Dispenser. It's sleek. Has lines so you know how much soap and water to use. The foam is creamy and feels nice on the skin. When I went to refill it, the whole spring straw fell apart. It didn't seem to be a big deal. I filled the dispenser, put things back together. Took a test pump and the dispenser spit little foam puffs. You'd need a dozen puffs to wash your hand properly.

I went back to the Amazon site and read some of the reviews. Lots of people had complaints with the product. My friend, Teague, has the dispenser in her powder room. She's had it for quite some time and says she loves it.

Searching the Interwebs, I found a solution to the problem. (I love the Interwebs!) Seems a small bead that prevents back pressure was missing. I had some pearl craft beads so plunked one in the tube. Didn't help. Then while browsing the craft area in Wallyworld, I found a box of 27mm Ball Point Pins. Figured what the heck. Bought the box,

The bead was half the size of the pearl bead I had used. I used a wire cutter to liberate a bead from the pin shaft. Plopped the bead in the spring straw and TA-DA lovely, luxurious foam to wash hands.


  1. Sounds like too much trouble just to wash my hands! LOL ;)

  2. Hello thank you for this advice. I have two of these. My son broke one by taking it apart and losing the little ball, I broke the other by taking it apart to find out what was wrong with the first one. I made new ball valves using my kids' Sculpey. Needs to be about 3mm diameter. One of mine now works perfectly, the other one is still a bit dodgy however I think that is due to a weak spring. TBH I think these units are badly designed and I wouldn't buy another.