Monday, February 29, 2016


I always wondered why when it came time to choose a  day to keep the calendar in line with the Earth rotating around the sun, the day was put at the end of February. I mean, really, who thought it would be a great time to add a day at the end of Winter? I'm sure Antipodeans could complain, too. Who wants an extra day in the blistering heat? Why wasn't a day added in Spring or Fall when weather in both hemispheres would be mild?

While hunting around for Leap Day facts, I disccovered, Julius Caesar introduced the leap day to his Julian caldender in 45 BCE. Back then Leap Day was 24. February as February was the last month of the year. Now it makes sense.  Though I'd still prefer a day where everyone could enjoy nice, outdoor, or sun room weather.
Oh, and don't confuse Leap Day with Sadie Hawkins Day. They are two different holidays. Sadie Hawkins Day is 15. November.

So, Happy Leap Day!


  1. Love the little froggie! :) I wish they would add another day to May. May is a lovely month here.

  2. Thanks for clearing that one up:)
    Cutest little frog ever.

    1. The frog was a Valentine's treat from Lindt. Got one each for my girlies

  3. I remember learning this in school. Funny the facts that 'stick'. :-/