Saturday, November 12, 2016

How Do You Like Them Apples?

Himself stopped at the grocery store to pick up some apples. He decided to try a new (to us) variety, Honeycrisp. Honey Crisp. I think it's all one word. He bought 4 Godzilla-sized apples. All 4 barely fit inside the basket. The average circumference was 13 whopping inches! Wonder what kind of miracle grow the orchard used because it will take a village to eat just one of these apples or you'll blow your carb amounts for the week.

My friend, Erica Vetsch, likes this variety. They are the state apple of Minnesota where she lives. The apple has a nice texture, like a MacIntosh or Granny Smith (my favorites). It was good, sweet, but not as tart as I like. Seems like a better apple to eat out of hand than to bake with.

Have you tried this variety? Have you ever seen an apple this big?