Saturday, December 24, 2016

From: We To: Thee

I haven't made cards in a good 10 years or so. Not since I was taking care of elderly parents and had too much on my plate. This year, I decided I had time and I would make a few cards. Instead of planning this activity last Summer, I made the decision in November. Needed a simple, quick idea, but what to do. 

About this time, I started following the Mail Me Some Art blog and had participated in their paper ornament swap. Another swap came up for postcards made to look like presents. I wasn't participating in this swap, but the idea would work for me for Christmas cards. I had lots of holiday paper, stickers, ribbon, and card stock.

So From: We  To: Thee. Merry Christmas and a Happy Creative New Year.


  1. Bleubeard, Squiggles, and I wish you and your family a truly wonderful Christmas, too. Love the card made to look like a package. I think that's SO clever!

  2. Thank you, Elizabeth, Bleubeard, and Squiggles. Hope you have a creative Christmas. And I thought the card made to look like a package was clever, too. That's why I stole the idea from MMSA (-;