Saturday, December 10, 2016

Himself's Pride and Joy

Long shot of the front yard
No matter how gloomy this little deer always shines
Not so the Christmas tree or deer to his right
Robin wanted to see Himself's Christmas lights. The weather hasn't been that great this week. We haven't had many really sunny days for the solar lights to recharge, and the weather for the coming week doesn't sound much better. I've taken a few pictures because this might be as good as it gets.

Just a couple of the ornament lights are glowing
The dangly things in between the glowing ornaments, are not solar lights,
just large ornaments.
The string of lights glows nicely in the Japanese maple tree. The string
around the bench, along the garden kite line, and trellis did not light

Santa Edison bulb glowed out of the box. I should have
photographed it the first night it was out.

Ditto with Frosty Edison bulb

They are not spots on the photograph, but
the Star Laser Lights (as seen on TV)
Still a couple of weeks until Christmas. Maybe the weather will improve and I can get better photographs.


  1. Awesome Edison lights! The whole yard looks FABulous! Himself should be proud! :D

    1. The Edison lights are real cute and a lot bigger than I expected at 10 inches tall. and Himself is insufferably pleased.

  2. What fun. No Scrooges at your house. How do you like the Star Laser lights? We are waiting till the HH finishes finals grading before putting up the tree and outdoor decorations.

    1. No Scrooges here, just Mrs. Grinch. The Star laser lights are fun. We have the projector focused below the front window. the lights look awesome in the bushes. The lights also shine on the front window and across the livingroom ceiling. I like them best when they are in motion. Ink noticed them when they were dancing on the ceiling. Had to turn them off when he jumped up on the front window. There's a warning about looking into the laser. Ink was upset with me because he almost caught the red dot! :-D

      Lights and yard decorations need to go up at the first of the month. Once the snow flies, it's too late.

      Tell HH I will happily grade papers for him. I've offered this service for Himself, too. I use the stair method. I toss the papers down the basement steps. Those that land on top get an A, middle C and the bottom of the stairs F. Very easy. and Quick!

  3. I think your outdoor Christmas lights are adorable, and I also enjoy seeing your other lovely ornaments you have used outside. Those Edison lights are wonderful.

    Laughed at your method of grading papers. I had a good one, too. Those who showed up each week got an A, those who were there part time got Cs, and those who showed up for tests only, got an F! (JOKING, but I sure thought about it)

    1. Oh, I'll have to tell Himself about your grading method.