Saturday, May 17, 2008


Yesterday, on the way to the mailbox, at end of the driveway, there was a small garter snake. He wasn't moving and didn't move as I passed. I crossed the street to retrieve the mail and when I crossed back the snake was still in the same position. I don't know if he drowned in the pouring rain. There didn't seem to be a mark on him. I nudged him with my toe and he remained still. Dead. He was rather pretty in black and golden brown. I related this story to a friend telling her I thought the snake would make a handsome hatband for a cowboy hat.

She replied with much icking and said that snakes creeped her out, or words to that effect. I told her I was not fond of snakes, though this one was only a small garter snake. Had he moved when I nudged him, I would have been Riverdancing at the end of the driveway.

She loved the image and wanted a blog. So, Sunflower, this spud's for you. The step dancing potato and I are roughly the same shape.


  1. I'm often tough, but the snake would have me SCREAMING...Although I did follow a cute little mouse into my garage today!

  2. Ewww, ewww, ewww on the snake.

    And how did you get Conon O'Brien to do the riverdance thing??

  3. You'd probably never last out here. I see snakes all the time!