Thursday, January 21, 2010


I loved kindergarten. I was especially fond of the paste. The just right size for chubby hands container. The twist off lid with the brush. The pleasant smell and the delicious taste. Yup, I was a paste eater. Nothing like a good two finger dollop to get you through until snack time. Afterall, it was not toxic. Flour, water, a bit of sugar, and cinnamon or vanilla flavoring.

The cheeky Young One has a theory that my lackluster math skills can be attributed to eating paste. Maybe. Maybe not. English major. You do the math.

But you know what? It occured to me, lots of people are paste eaters. Look at the recipe. It's a base. Add an egg and shortening and you have a cookie or cake recipe! Yup, I'm a paste eater and proud of it.

Did you eat paste when you were in kindergarten?


  1. I did not. Seemed gross to me. I was a "glue my finger to make the fake skin" girl.

  2. LOL That's because you were most likely too young to have paste when you were in kindergarten, Nutter. What you are describing is white PVC glue (i.e. Elmer's) I used to do that too. Elmer's and paste are not the same thing. I never ate Elmer's

  3. Nope, all we had was Elmer's and the mantra during glue time was: A Dot Does A Lot.

    Still didn't prevent us from dumping on lakes of glue.

  4. Never ate the paste, but I did like making fake skin with Elmer's and peeling it off.

    Hey, just how many triangles were in that pic from yesterday??

  5. No, but I would have gladly eaten those markers that smelled like fruit, given the chance!