Tuesday, February 16, 2010


We love paper. Offcuts and scrap are stored in a large tote. We revel in rummaging through the box. All the pretty color papers, the shades of white paper. So many possibilities. Small books, ATCs, greeting cards, small pieces for tiny quotes or doodles. We revel in the textures, fondling, petting, and pawing the papers. When the box is left on the floor, some of us even enjoy napping among the leaves.

Do you love paper? Do you horde it?


  1. Love that picture. "We" love paper, as in Ink and you? :D

  2. Yup, "we", Ink and I. Every time I open up the paper box, he's there.

  3. When you shuffle as many papers as I do on a regular basis, I gotta go with, "no love for paper." However, I do have a respect for nice stationary and I live for sales on colored card stock.