Thursday, January 20, 2011

Following Directions - Week 3

This week's lesson was to reuse some of the materials from last week. A graphite pencil was used for  depth on the shadows and the oil pastels were rubbed on in places for a deep color. We  also added texture to the counter spaces and added a new medium or two.

I used part of a doily and dabbed some Payne's Grey acrylic through it. It looked fine in the small space to the left of the dragon (not visible in the scan). It resembled chain mail. Didn't have the same effect in the larger spaces. Looked very much like someone had dabbed paint through a doily.

The instructor had used sequin waste and dots of paint on her example page. Rather girly and not suited to my page. I had really liked my page without the texture. It started looking too busy so I gessoed over it.  Meh. Lesson learned this week, to really go with my own gut feelings.

A small, round cap was dipped into Ziller Glossy Black ink and used as a stamp to create the dragon scales. A touch of Pearl Ex Interference Gold mixed with water and gum arabic was washed onto the scales for a bit of shine. A silver Pentel Metallic Brush was used on a few of the knight's chain mail links to bring them out. The shiny bits don't show up very well in the scan

Have you ever tried to follow someone's suggestions only to lose your own voice and direction?


  1. I think writers often try to sound like their favorite authors instead of trying to write the way God intended them to write. :)

    BTW...I love your page! It is so interesting with the textures.

  2. Yep, I've let people get inside my head and tried to do what they wanted instead of what was natural for me.