Friday, December 20, 2013

The Friday Five - Christmas Cookies

This is baking weekend. Five cookies I'll be making for the holidays.

1. Gingerbread Men. Real ones, per The Young One, not the clay creations I made for the Waters Farm Christmas tree.

2. Thumbprint Cookies filled with raspberry preserves. These will be for The Doctor Who Christmas episode. The cookies are a quick and dirty variation of the 11th. Doctor's favorite Jammy Dodgers.

3. Ma's Butter Cookies, one of her signature recipes.

4. Emily's Italian Cookies which are too die for and way better than Ma's recipe. Sorry, Ma.

5. Cowboy Cookies. I have no idea why these oatmeal and butterscotch chip cookies are called Cowboy Cookies. I like the name but will be making them with regular chocolate chips.

Do you bake any special goodies for the holidays?


  1. Have been baking up a storm. Made everyone's favorites and made your caramels. Made 3 plates to give away. The table is piled up with boxes and bowls of different treats. Come on over, sit a spell, have a cookie or two or three!

  2. I gave my kids one choice of my baking recipes each plus one for our daughter-in-law. No one chose my favourite Christmas treat, butter tarts, so I made those first! Sugar Cookie dough is in the fridge, Rum Balls are up next, squares called Dream Cake will be last so there will be some left for Christmas Day. I might also get Ginger Cookies of some sort made - likely Ginger Mooshes.

  3. I've been in an Ebeneezer mood lately, no I will take any donations........ ;)

  4. Have to make another fruit cake as the Christmas cake may not last long enough!
    Planning to make Parkin (a Yorkshire oatmeal, spice and treacle moist cake)
    Rice biscuits with little chocolate santas and snowmen on.
    I like the idea of the jammy dodger biscuits so will give those a go too for the big Who Fest.
    I love this kinda cookin' :)