Monday, June 9, 2014

Cemetery Hop

planned for this week. Color me giddy with blue. I'll be looking for the grave of my great-aunt and uncle. And at the same cemetery, I'll visit my uncle (father's kid brother.)

If the weather is nice, we'll also stop at the beach and lunch at Kelly's.


  1. The sister in law that passed was deep into genealogy. She loved to go to cemeteries and look for ancestors. One cemetery was filled with.....Ham (may have been spelled with double m) and Bones. Both ancestors. I thought that was a hoot.

  2. Best cemetery ever was in Groton Conn. It was the dead of winter and a raging snow storm. It was soooo beautiful. And the headstones were too. Dating back to the 1600's. Interesting to read the engravings. They told so much more than the newer ones do.

  3. PS I just noticed the headstone engraving as I hit 'publish'! LOL