Sunday, June 1, 2014

Tools, Gadgets, and Widgets - Bread Slicing Guide

Sourdough Bread
Is there anything better than a loaf of fresh, baked, home-made bread? Well, maybe chocolate, but home-made bread comes a very close second. The only problem with home-made bread, besides the fact that a loaf doesn't last very long, is it's hard to get even, thin slices like commercial loaves of bread. I love a slab of bread as much as the next person, but eating a sandwich on a slab of bread is difficult. Until now.

At blessed I found an expandable bread saver that came with a slicing guide. Instead of uneven slabs of bread, there are nice, evenly cut, slices of bread.

Now, my bread slices will look as good as a commercial loaf of bread, but taste way better.


  1. Mmmmm, I love homemade bread. My food processor (with kneader) broke and so I am saving up for a new one. Can't wait!!!! That bread looks so yummy.

    1. I use a stand mixer with dough hook

  2. Nifty little device. I love homemade bread!

  3. Husband is the bread baker over here. He has a nifty little gadget.... it’s like a ‘fiddle bow’ bread knife but it’s adjustable so thick or thin, it's your choice. Ingenious! (your bread looks delicious!)