Saturday, June 14, 2014

Baby Name

January 1956, age 6 mos.
If I was born a boy, my name was going to be Reginald.  The name was a sort of twin name to The Brother.

Do you know what your name would have been, if you were born the opposite sex?


  1. I could have ended up with the same name!

  2. My father changed my name when he 'registered' me. My parents had agreed on a different name for me (I have no idea what) and my father apparently didn't like it. So while my mother was still in the hospital he did the paper work. (He also changed the spelling of BigBrother's name so they'd have the same initials! LOL)

    1. LOL Originally, my folks decided I wasn't going to have a middle name. Dad must have gotten the paper work duty, too. Because my middle name is the name of one of Dad's old flames. Ma was not amused.