Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Mask The Young One  is making.
The Young One is planning her costume for the CDP (costume dance party). She needed black trousers which she has. A black blazer and white button down which she ordered (trousers, blazer, blouse  will double as interviewing outfit). She also needed a red tie.

We were out shopping so bopped into the mens' department to look for red ties. There were several shades to choose from. She debated between a couple of ties. The red needed to be a dark shade.

"So what's this character you're going as?" I innocently asked.

She took the tablet I had with me and did a quick search. Handed the tablet back to me.

"That's him. Wolf from a game called Payday 2."

I'm terrified of clowns. So I nearly shrieked right in the middle of the store. Instead, I wailed "Why can't you be a princess?" The Young One just laughed at me.

Deep sigh. Long gone are the days of the cute outfits: bumble bee, kitty cat, lion, Hedwig from Harry Potter. Deep sigh.

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