Thursday, June 23, 2016

Throwback Thursday - The Notebooks

The uncles and my father lived with my aunt [ed. their sister] and brother-in-law until they married. Uncle Joe was first and Aunt Angelina set up a big to do. She did not approved of his bride. He married Aunt Clara who was a divorcee, with two girls. He did not adopt them and like their mother, they were attractive.

Uncle Joe had his own business as a barber. He also had other barbers working for him and also a room at the rear of the store where he had employees giving waves to women and the latest hair styles. Aunt Clara talked him into shutting down and going to New York where she felt he could do much better. However, it turned out to be a bad move for him. So he moved back, but he opened a shop in Framingham and he was the only barber and no womens room. He did well however, he did own his own home and also had some lots that he purchased and much later he sold them at a good price.

He and Uncle Fred came often before The Depression. And he would give us a haircut whenever he came.

[ed: the statement about divorce may seem harsh, but remember the mores of the 1920s though changing were still conservative. My father's family was Catholic. Divorce wasn't an option for Catholics. Divorced couples could not be married by a priest in the church and the sacrament of communion would be denied to them. These would be shocking consequences for a Catholic such as my father's aunt.]


  1. Interesting. And I remember the no divorce rules. It was a big deal.Didn't folks often get around it by annulling the marriage?

    1. Yes, though the process wasn't cheap or easy

  2. It's interesting to hear it told from your father's point of view.