Saturday, July 21, 2007

Another Birthday

Today, my baby turned 15 years old. 15. Still a mix of little girl with hints of the woman she will become peeking through.

She loves animals especially dogs so this recipe for Dalmatian cupcakes was perfect. They are filled with a creamcheese filling (I used strawberry cream cheese). Aren't they cute?

She's patiently waiting for her sister to get home from work so we can have a family celebration and go out to dinner.


  1. They look great! Happy Birthday, Young One.

  2. Tis indeed a busy month in the Eastern Realm. Best Wishes to Cory! AND what will your cupcakes look like next week?

  3. Yummy---save me one or two or three---

  4. WoW-so Yummy looking! I saved the recipe. I will try them I don't cook so should b interesting to c wut Last time, I bought a roll of cookie dough at the grocery store and I forgot them in the oven.OMG! Smoke was everywhere...lmao! Happy Belated Birthday to your daughter!