Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Days 2 & 3 - Demolition

Not much work done as fixtures will not arrive until Thursday and the holiday today. Happy Hat The contractor and I discussed the custom cabinets he will build. The wall over the sink will be cabinets, a center one with mirror will act as medicine cabinet. Shelves will be wipe down clean and adjustable. He shares my vision for sleek design Roll

On a whim Monday night, Himself and I took a ride to the new Home Depot down the road a piece. Himself wanted sidelighting along side the medicine cabinet, very functional, but as we saw out dated. We found a wall sconce we liked that was glass and very modern in design with a halogen bulb so will be very bright. We found a ceiling light/fan that didn't look like the typical bathroom fan and the demo model fan was very quiet. We also found a medicine cabinet that had a beveled mirror, but have decided it wouldn't fit with the wall of cabinet so will be returned.

The contractor and his dad (his dad is retired but works for his son) left early to go purchase materials they will need for the next step.

The bathroom is still ugly.

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  1. "The bathroom is beautiful with promise."
    (you gotta learn to sell this better!)
    -Always the Marketing 'Ho