Thursday, July 19, 2007

Day 13 - The Floor Has Landed

Today was not a long project day as a section of the floor still was not dry. The contractor did make edge cuts on some of the floor tiles. He also cut and laid the tiles around the toilet drain. The old toilet never sat on the floor, but on a pile of washers, and caulking that was built up to support it. ShockedSo he built up the floor to meet the toilet flange. The new toilet will sit on the floor the way it is supposed to. Good news, the drain does not need to be moved and is in good shape, no rust. Woohoo

With a small section of the floor down, the project took on a new dimension. The lines of the white tile are so clean looking. The diamond dot is a deep cobalt blue, though in the picture it almost looks black. The bathroom is still ugly, but with improvement. Roll


  1. a smidge of progress...did he get new tiles to replace the busted ones?

  2. woo hoo! :D. Finally huh? lol. What a actual tiny patch of what the entire floor would look like is just the right amount of inspiration. lol!!!