Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Candy Canes

Yesterday, Erica's blog reminded me that it's time to get the house decorated for Christmas. I had completely forgot that yesterday was 1. December. This morning, I put a few things up. The small advent tree and The Young One hung 2 ornaments on it. I changed the candle ring on the dining room table from the harvest ring to the Christmas one.

Lambie aka Mrs. Claus invited me to her house for lunch tomorrow. Besides a small gift, I wanted to bring her something festive. I came across this idea from the magazine Real Simple

Take 5 or 6 candy canes and tie them together. Turn them upside down to form a "vase" then you can plop a doo-dad in. Michael's had Christmas picks on sale for 50% off. Target had candy canes on sale so I bought a bunch of picks and a couple of boxes to make hostess gifts.

Oh, and Erich, my butler, got decked out in his Christmas collar and jaunty Santa hat.


  1. are you coming to do my house next? PLLLLEEEAAAASSSEEE??? :)

  2. That is really cute! And who knew you had a butler???

  3. Doesn't every Little Princess have a butler?

  4. Super cute idea, I've always wanted to try that, now you have me going to get the supplies....LOL
    Handsome little guy, your butler....LOL! love it!

  5. Good idea about the candy sticks vase. I hope they turned out OK.
    What a great butler. I want one!
    Happy Friday,

  6. I just LOVE that butler! Hugs, Valerie

  7. This was fabulous. I love the butler, and of course, the idea of the hostess gifts. Sounds like they were something I could create, even though I'm not exactly crafty this season, as I have been in the past.

    Thanks for sharing your Second look with us on the 2nd. Sorry it took me so long to get here today. I have suddenly been under the weather, and slept most of the day, even though I don't feel bad. Thanks again for joining us.