Saturday, December 6, 2008


I enjoy hanging out at Facebook. The Young One is there and has included me in her games which is fun. Puppies, Kitties, Kidnap, Twilight, but the game that amuses me most is Pieces of Flair. Seven Pieces of Flair, I've received that amuse me (in no particular order)

1. He irks me. He's irksome. A line from The Mentalist, my new favorite show. Simon Baker is sehr thuddy.

2. Facebook enabling the nosy. Now everyone can know our most mundane moments.

3. I didn't ask to be a Princess, but since the crown fits...I wear it.

4. The Ass Family: Jack, his wife, Smart, children: Lazy, Kiss, and Dumb. I've met every single one of them.

5. Why can't summer last forever? Deep sigh. Forlorn look.

6. Facebook Because I'm avoiding responsibilities. It's a happy little time waster.

7. We were friends before Facebook
Thanks to Erica for the topic. If you play at Facebook, what's your favorite game?


  1. My favorite facebook? Making snarky comments on people's status? *g* I'm becoming a fan of twirl. I like that I can pop in and out when passing by the computer as I work... like decorating... The never ending nightmare this year.

  2. I like Flair, puppies, kidnap...reading people's status reports.

    Love your flair choices. :)