Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wednesday Weigh-In

I maintained this week. What a relief because I made really bad food choices over the holiday. Too bad Hershey kisses aren't worth the same as vegetables.

Today, I had lunch at Mrs. Claus' house with Lambie. Lambie decorates every room in her log cabin home. As she describes it "Christmas just throws up all over here." LOL The decorations are just beautiful.

Lambie made a delicious seafood salad on home-made sour dough bread. For dessert, Lambie had chocolate fondue with pears and home-made marshmallows. OMG, after eating Lambie's marshmallows, you will never enjoy commercial marshmallows. She sent me home with a small bag.

Afterwards, Lambie and I had our own WW meeting as Lambie is a WW member. I wasn't worried what would be for lunch and fruit is good for you (even if it's dipped in chocolate.) I didn't have breakfast so I think I did pretty good.

One of my problems is drinking all the water. Wasn't much of a problem during the summer, but now that it's cold last thing I want is a bottle of water. Lambie told me that decaf tea would count for 1/2 a water. Herbal tea would count for a full water ration. I'm not partial to either decaf tea or herbal teas though I have found I like apple cinnamon tea. I'll put the apple cinnamon tea to work for me.

How did you do this week? (The picture is Lambie's tree from last year. a 13 footer. This year they went small with a 12 footer. (-; )


  1. Congrats... Maintaining during the holidays is a big accomplishment and you're working through the water problem. I'm very proud of you for what it's worth. As for me, still no batteries. *impish grin*

  2. Yup, maintaining is a good thing. At least that's what I'm telling myself. ;)