Thursday, July 1, 2010

Light Up the Darkness

"Light up the darkness." Heard this quote while watching I Am Legend. The quote is attributed to Bob Marley. I liked the quote and wrote it in my quote book.

This is one of those experiments that looked better in my head than it does on paper. A gold leafing pen acted as a resist to the sumi ink and wash used for the background. I like how the gold shimmers with light. I thought I would like the black writing on the black background, but it's hard to read in places. I'll be revisiting this quote soon.

Have you worked on something, thought the effect was meh and then went back to it at a later time? Were you pleased with your efforts?


  1. I refuse to have anything to do with that movie. (although I'm told the book is different, thank heavens) You KNOW why. I bawled like a baby! My dad had to hold my hand!

  2. All the time. It's rare when a drawing comes together in the way I want. I don't draw often, but I do have a small notebook by my bed for when the mood strikes.

    Do you have your own studio? I'm really impressed with your constant output of new art projects. They are absolutely stunning.

  3. Yes, Jill, I have my own studio. Started with a desk under the basement/playroom stairs. Then came the drafting table and I sort of took over the space with my toys. (-: