Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wed Letter Day

This reminded me of a trip to the eye doctor. What letter do you see? Now if I put this lens on, is it better or worse? Better or worse? One more time...

Yesterday, Linda asked:  Hey CJ, where have your letters of the week been? How many do you have finished? Will we see more?
As of today, I have 27 letters completed and 25 letters to go. The letters are being assembled into blocks. Four blocks have been completed. Yes, you'll see more letters. Hopefully, I will complete my letter for this week and will post as soon as the ink/paint dries.

And gravy = spaghetti sauce?
Then what do you put on turkey and mashed potatos? You probably already guessed it, but I'm not Italian.
 LOL gravy, of course (-; You would know which meaning depending on whether you were eating Italian food or "American" food. If we were having Thanksgiving dinner at my grandma's, I don't recall ever seeing turkey gravy on the table. She cooked a turkey, and I assume other trimmings, we just didn't eat the "American" Thanksgiving meal.  The feast began with chicken soup with rice, escarole,and little meatballs, antipasto, her signature home-made pasta (shaped like little hats) in red (tomato) gravy (home-made, never from a jar!) ,eggplant Parmigiana, meat which was probably the turkey, but no one bothered with it as we stuffed ourselves on the pasta, salad which signaled the end of the meal. Then there would be fruit and nuts which would give us a chance to rest before her special deep fried bow shaped cookies drizzled with honey, nougat candy from Italy, cake and a pie made from ricotta cheese (pizza dolce). Then it was time for leftover eggplant sandwiches.  Are you sorry you asked? :-D

Do you make your own gravy or does it come from a jar?


  1. I admit if I need "gravy" fast, I'll use a jar, but homemade is best. My ma makes THE BEST!

  2. Thanks for the new letter, it does look like an eye exam. I think it is so cool how they are all so different from one another. Mine would all be in a theme and very boring.

    That does not sound like a Thanksgiving meal I've ever had. Thanks for sharing that.

    We go through different streaks on gravy and spaghetti sauce. Lately we have been using the jar/can. Once the tomatoes ripen, my hubby does make his own salsa and we eat and freeze that.

  3. I use the jar. Sadly, it's all about being able to get dinner on the table in a hurry.

  4. I use the jar too Julie though more out of laziness. Truthfully, gravy can be made in a half an hour. Doesn't take all day to simmer on the stove

    Linda, home-made salsa sounds awesome.