Friday, July 30, 2010

The Friday Five

July is a busy month for our family celebrations. Our five celebrations include:

1. The Fourth of July. Besides celebrating Independence Day, we also celebrate the day my father lost his independence more commonly called my parent's wedding anniversary. They were married July 4, 1943 and this year celebrated their 67th anniversary.

2. The Eldest's birthday. She turned 22 this year. She will graduate college next year with a degree in biology. God willin' and the crik don't rise.

3. The Young One's birthday. She turned 18 this year. Since I knew she was going to be delivered by c-section, I got to pick her birthday. Sort of. My obstetrician  told me he only did c-sections on Tuesday. I could have had her on my birthday, but thought she would probably like a special day of her own instead of having to share.

4. My birthday. By now, no one wants to see another piece of cake, and I wish I had chosen this day for The Young One's birthday too.

5. The annual clan gathering on Himself's side. Cookout, volleyball, gossip, and more cake. Good times.

What month do you do most of your family celebrating?


  1. our celebrations are spread out through the year. We have birthdays in March, June, October, and January.

  2. Our bdays are all in different months, but winter is our busy season. Besides a family Thanksgiving and Christmas, and an awesome New Years Day party, we celebrate Hubby bday Nov, anniv Dec, son bday Dec, son bday Jan. And my bday is June, all by itself.

  3. Wow, July is a busy time for you!

    My family does most of our b-day celebrating the end of October to beginning of November.