Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I Can Read the Writing on the Wall

We have a doorbell in our enclosed, front porch.  Problem is for some odd reason, people rarely ring the bell. They either stand on the front steps and knock on the screen/storm door or enter the porch and knock on the front door.  It's not a problem if I happen to be in the kitchen, but I can't hear them knocking if I'm in the sun room or down in the studio.

The porch had to be remodeled because of winter ice damming and hail damage from a storm in June. With a new light, new coat of paint, we decided a new bell button was deserved. The lovely white wall gave me the itch to write on it. Hopefully, directing visitors to ring the bell.

The layout and writing has been completed. Suitable decoration will be added. 

I was admiring my work and happily  thinking I didn't have to go stand in the corner for writing on the wall. Did you ever write on the walls when you were a kid? Do you write on walls now?


  1. I wrote on the wall with a permanent marker once. Drew the entire family down to the dog in stick people. Evidently I thought there was a premium on lots of fingers and round bellies, because that's primarily what I drew.

    My mom freaked and made me scrub it with 409 and a sponge. I managed to get the family portrait off...and the blue paint, and the yellow paint under that, and the green paint under that. I'm pretty sure that if left alone long enough, I would've scrubbed a hole through the wall.

    That would've been cool, since my brother's bed would've been right under the hole and I could've laid there and chatted with him during naptime instead of making like Da Vinci with the walls and markers....

  2. oh, I'm sure I did, but nothing memorable. I seem to recall coloring with good old crayolas on my bedroom wall once. (And only once with my Weeble.) I LOVE the doorbell.

  3. LOL, the lovely white wall made you want to write on it. That's funny =) Nope, never wrote on a wall, but I get that itch when I see a blank piece of paper!