Friday, August 27, 2010

The Friday Five

This past week, The Young One was introduced to the history and traditions of WPI and officially became an Engineer. Five fun facts about the college.

1. Robert Goddard, class of 1908, graduated with a BS degree in General Science ( a new degree at that time). He is known as the father of modern rocketry

2. The school mascot is Gompei the Goat. Gompei is named after Gompei Kuwada, class of 1893. Gompei was given the job of taking care of a real live goat in 1891. He was chosen because his initials were G.K. and could stand for Goat Keeper.

3. Freshman wore maroon and grey beanies with a maroon bill and a W on the front. The Freshman and Sophomore classes compete in activities throughout the year. The class with the most points is awarded the coveted Goat's Head Trophy. One of the first competitions is the Rope Pull (tug of war). If the Freshman class wins the event, they were allowed to remove their beanies. Otherwise, beanies had to be worn until Thanksgiving.

4. As a class they crossed Earle Bridge and received their beanies. They will not cross this bridge as a class until graduation day.

5. WPI fight song:

E to the X
D-Y, D-X
E to the X
Cosine Secant, Tangent, Sine
E-I, Radical, Pi
Fight 'em, Fight 'em, WPI

Does your college have any fun facts or traditions?


  1. How cool! What an exciting time. I didn't really get into my college all that much because I worked full time while I went to school. Oh well!

  2. That is the geekiest fight song ever!!!!

    I had visions of students jousting with slide rules!

    I suppose terrifying the opposing school with your intelligence is one way of doing things...

  3. So we spell Geek, WPI? :D Go young one! Beenie Head!!!!