Thursday, August 26, 2010

Suitable Decoration

Some acrylic paint, a couple of cottton swabs and voilá forget-me-nots or posies. I might have gotten a little carried away as the writing looks like it got lost. Hopefully, the whole thing will draw attention to the fact that there is a door bell. Otherwise, I'll have to have Erica over to scrub the wall with 409 and a sponge. She's an expert at wall art removal. (-;

What's keeping you amused today?


  1. LOL Only if you want to see the studs around the bell...

  2. That turned out so pretty.

    What is amusing me is the thought of Erica scrubbing the walls. I would be behind her with a sweet and delicate voice yelling don't wash the flowers off!

  3. Wait... Qtips made those flowers? (along with your talented hands of course, but...) WOW. I am SO not an artist. Well done.